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Contemporary Pet Products

on February 27, 2012

     This week’s Technology and Wellness blog will be focused on new and stylish pet products for around the home. As we move forward to a modern and sleek world, pet owners are looking for new products that fit with the contemporary and stylish décor of their home. Instead of having a traditional pet bed or cat furniture, how about something that looks great and is functional? All of these provided sites give great pet products that can match or improve the look of your home and they have great prices for the high end, custom look they provide buyers. Furthermore, these sites offer products for all types of pets, from cats to cool goldfish bowls.

                My personal favorite is the website Unleashed Life who advertises their product catchphrase, “style…not reserved for humans”.  This site not only offers great, fashionable dog bowls and pet beds, but also displays home accents such as wall hangings and ceramic figurines. This is a high end pet retailer and they do have higher prices that your average store, but the price reflects the quality of their goods and the benefits it can add to your home, such as a custom look. You can be sure that none of your friends will have products as nice as these! Check out-   unleashedlife.com


      All Modern pet products offer a great selection for both cats and dogs.  These products are more economical and affordable than what is offered on Unleashed Life, but still has a great look that is not from your typical pet store provider. Along with beds and bowls, All Modern pets have dog coats, collars and leashes and cute dog carriers for those with small dogs they wish to take with them. The chic carriers look just like a fashionable woman’s purse that would match any work or casual outfit.  Overall this company also has a lot to offer pet owners and provides a great look for pets. Here is-  allmodern.com


                The last new product that I found was a cat, dog, or bird house with a green twist- literally. Dornob Designs have created a crafty product that will turn heads in any household.  Their stylish pet planters allow pet owners to place a live plant in the top of their pet house and feature a special bed located inside their green-roofed pet house. This eco-friendly house features non-symmetrical shapes and cool curves that will be a functional statement piece in any home. This product will wow your friends and give your pet a place to call their own that allows them to stay amongst the family. No more hiding ugly pet beds and houses- just add a beautiful houseplant and get style for less.  Check out-  dornob.com

                As a pet owner, I know that I am always looking for new products for my pets. There are tons of new products that are great for the house. Today the internet is the best tool to look for great pet furniture that can blend with any taste in your household. Keep following out blog for more great products and thanks for reading!


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