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This Weeks Available Dogs!

on March 13, 2012


Japer is a young shepherd mix who is currently awaiting his forever home at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.  Jasper is new to the shelter, but he is handling the environment very well. He is described as calm, easy going, but always ready to play. Jasper is good with kids, adults, and seniors- he will be tested with dogs and cats once he is in the shelter for a bit longer.

                I had the privilege of taking Jasper out for a walk and he was a total love, looking for attention and affection. He is a gorgeous light brindle with white paws and one blue eye and one brown eye. The shelter said they do not know how Jasper is with other dogs, but during our walk he did not seem to have any aggression issues, just curiosity and possibly wanting to play. He does have a lot of energy, as he is a young dog and he will need basic training. He would do best with an active family with children to run around and play with. Overall, he is a beautiful and wonderful dog that would adore his forever family- and who could resist his looks!



                Caramel is a gorgeous female, large sized red nose pit bull terrier boxer mix. She has reached her full adult size and is two years young. Caramel is loveable and is always looking for affection from the people who pass her by. She has been in the shelter for a while, but she is still looking for a wonderful home. We do not know if she does well with other dogs and cats, but we were told she does great with kids. She seemed to be pretty quiet and docile when we had our visit with her, and she was one of the shelter favorites. Her adoption fee is $125, a small price to pay to change a dog’s life. Please do not let the typical pit bull stereotype stop you from taking home this loveable girl- she would make a wonderful pet for a person who wants a dog who will love them for her lifetime!



                Angus is a wonderful male black Labrador retriever who loves to play! He is easy to walk on the leash and he just looks forward to coming out of his kennel to be petted. He will eagerly roll over on his belly for a scratch and is very attentive to the person who is walking him. He is extremely friendly, and good with everyone. Angus is one year old, and a big goofball. .

                When walking Angus, he was a great dog who paid attention to what I was telling him and was very obedient and willing to work. I took him right in the front door next to cats and other dogs and he sat patiently and looked to me for petting and instruction. He would make an amazing pet for any family, especially with active kids! He did not seem to be aggressive towards dogs or cats, and did not even pay attention to the cats around him. Overall, he is a wonderful dog who deserves a great home.

All of these dogs are available as the Cattaraugus County SPCA and are looking for amazing homes. The adoption fee for these dogs is $125 each, which includes a distemper vaccine, spaying/neutering, de-worming and a complimentary vet visit. Please consider adopting one of these dogs- I personally have adopted a shelter dog and it was the best decisions I have ever made. My dog Pax offers me constant love and affection and no matter what has happened, I can always count on him to make me smile. Pax is now four years old and has come a long way since his shelter days!

                                                SPCA in Cattaraugus County

2944 Olean-Hinsdale Highway
olean, New York 14760
Phone: 716-372-8492
Fax: 719-806-0130
Email: info@spcacattco.org
Website: www.petfinder.org/shelters/NY216.html


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