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War Dogs

on March 15, 2012

With the War Against Terror ending and our troops coming home, many forget to thank the dogs who have deployed to protect our country. These dogs have put their lives on the line and went to the front lines for our troops. These brave K9’s have lacked praise from the citizen’s  of our country who have given so much to show thanks to our troops.

Dogs have been used in wars since ancient times. Soldiers often feel as though dogs are a loyal companion that will always be there for protection. Today, they are mainly used as a type of police force. The dogs are used to detect potentially dangerous situations and sometimes used for intimidation against enemies.

The United States has one of the biggest K9 forces in the military. During the War Against Terror, 650 military dogs were deployed by American combat forces. The most common breed being the German Shepard because of their keen sense of smell and high level of energy.

What most people don’t realize, is that the all of the trauma our soldiers go through, these dogs will also endure. Although veterinarians have only recently started recognizing the symptoms of post traumatic stress  disorder in K9s, it is extremely noticeable.

About 5% of the dogs deployed in the recent war were diagnosed with PTSD. Luckily, a foundation has been formed to help research this serious issue and help create awareness of this serious issue. If you wish to donate or learn more about this issue please visit the following websites.




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