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“The Lucky One” Gives German Shepherds A Good Reputation

on April 23, 2012

German Shepherds have been given a bad reputation. Second to the American Pit Bull Terrier they are one of the most feared breeds in America today. I personally have always wondered where this fear originated from because I have never met a shepherd that I didn’t love.

This breed has been the number one choice of protection by police forces and also by our troops. When they want to, they will protect and defend. This doesn’t mean that they are always temperamental and pets usually adapt the attitude their owner raises them to have.

Zac Efron plays Logan Thibault, a United States Marine who just returned from war. Upon his arrival home, the only one who greets him warmly is his beloved German Shepherd Zeus. After his sister decides him living in their Colorado suburb home wasn’t the best idea, Logan and Zeus packed up and walked all the way to Louisiana.

Zeus remained a companion the whole trip. The movie shows Zeus cuddled up by Logan even when they spent their nights by a campfire in the middle-of-nowhere. Throughout the movie, Logan is rarely seen without his best pal Zeus by his side.

When Logan’s dream girl’s ex-husband verbally and physically attacks Logan, Zeus becomes defensive but gently calms down when Logan reassures him that he can handle the situation on his own. However, any other time Logan and Zeus travel into town together, Zeus is perfectly calm and gentle.

I am glad that the director’s decided to use a German Shepherd to show that they are not the mean aggressive dog that their reputation paints them to be.  Zeus is the ultimate companion in “The Lucky One” and hopefully the movie changes some people’s opinions of these canines.


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