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Italian Greyhounds



All of a sudden, I see them everywhere! They are the newest breed that is quickly on the rise. These cute little dogs are not a new addition to the American Kennel Club’s list of official breeds. The Italian Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds dating as far back as the Roman Empire Days! Historians think that Italian Greyhounds were the only acceptable breed during those days. These pooches were a symbol of royalty and honor.

They remained as a status symbol for sometime until replaced by bigger dogs that were used for protection. Now the Italian Greyhound is making a comeback and there is no surprise why.

These dogs are the ultimate companion dogs. They will never pass up the opportunity to snuggle up on your lap and they are just the perfect size to be a lap dog. The Italian Greyhound tops out at around 18 lbs. For people striving for a small friend this is the perfect breed for you! They are great starter dogs for first time owners as well.

Living in a warm environment is a must for these small little guys. They have a very light coat and being greyhounds, they don’t carry weight very well.  Some people say that Italian Greyhounds are even easier to train on a littler box (It helps when it is cold out!).

If you are looking for the perfect companion, then the Italian Greyhound is for you!

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Labrador Retriever

The first breed of the week that I will be covering is the Labrador Retriever. This breed was not picked first by chance. It is the most popular breed for pet owners and has remained at the top of the list in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom for many of years. So why is this breed so popular? The answer to that is very easy.This lovable and adorable breed has one of the best temperaments out of any other breed.

Labrador Retrievers are said to be bred around the sixteenth century near Labrador, Canada . They are a mix mainly of Newfoundlands and Portuguese water dogs.  They were originally bred to be hunting dogs (specifically for waterfowl), and remain one of the best in that field. Their sense of smell, quick feet, and short-hair coat, allows labs to be efficient and effective hunters.

Regardless of being hunting dogs, they remain one of the most docile breeds. They are great family dogs because of their calm attitude and ability to handle young children. However, labs are always there to protect their family if the situation presents itself.

Today, labs are come in a variety of three different colors including: yellow, chocolate, and black. Labrador Retrievers originally appeared in black and then occasionally started appearing in yellow and chocolate. However, black labs remain the most popular color of the breed.

Labrador Retrievers are recognized by the AKC and have certain breed standards. Males should stand 22.5 to 24.5 inches and weigh around 65 to 80 lbs. Females should stand 21.5 to 23.5 inches and weigh somewhere around 55 to 70 lbs.

Labs have obtained the man’s best friend role for many years.

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