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One of the newest and most controversial  breeds to enter the American Kennel Club’s list of official breeds. People are often referring to this dog as a classic “mutt” and nothing special. The labradoodle as it’s name suggests, is a mix between a poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

How could anyone not love a mix between America’s two favorite breeds? The avid AKC supporters claim that if a breed is not a pure-breed, it has no place being involved in an elite pure-bred club. However, having a pure-bred means little to nothing to me. A dog is a dog and should be loved no matter what.

Labradoodles are one of the cutest breeds I have ever seen. As a lover of all dog breeds, saying that a specific breed wins over my heart means a lot. Once you meet a labradoodle, you will have a hard time moving on to another breed. They are sweet and gentle as a Labrador and they are as smart as a poodle.

This dog is the ultimate breed that comes with everything a dog owner could want. If you are looking for a best friend and companion I would take a good hard look at the labradoodle.  These owners are pretty loyal to their favorite breed and there is no suprise why. Take a few minutes and look up videos of these sweet pooches and you will be undoubtedlymesmerized by their sweetness.

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“The Lucky One” Gives German Shepherds A Good Reputation

German Shepherds have been given a bad reputation. Second to the American Pit Bull Terrier they are one of the most feared breeds in America today. I personally have always wondered where this fear originated from because I have never met a shepherd that I didn’t love.

This breed has been the number one choice of protection by police forces and also by our troops. When they want to, they will protect and defend. This doesn’t mean that they are always temperamental and pets usually adapt the attitude their owner raises them to have.

Zac Efron plays Logan Thibault, a United States Marine who just returned from war. Upon his arrival home, the only one who greets him warmly is his beloved German Shepherd Zeus. After his sister decides him living in their Colorado suburb home wasn’t the best idea, Logan and Zeus packed up and walked all the way to Louisiana.

Zeus remained a companion the whole trip. The movie shows Zeus cuddled up by Logan even when they spent their nights by a campfire in the middle-of-nowhere. Throughout the movie, Logan is rarely seen without his best pal Zeus by his side.

When Logan’s dream girl’s ex-husband verbally and physically attacks Logan, Zeus becomes defensive but gently calms down when Logan reassures him that he can handle the situation on his own. However, any other time Logan and Zeus travel into town together, Zeus is perfectly calm and gentle.

I am glad that the director’s decided to use a German Shepherd to show that they are not the mean aggressive dog that their reputation paints them to be.  Zeus is the ultimate companion in “The Lucky One” and hopefully the movie changes some people’s opinions of these canines.

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Unhealthy Foods For Dogs

        Every pet owner wants to spoil their pet and keep them healthy, but what ‘human’ foods are alright for dogs to eat and which are harmful? I know that my dog is so spoiled that he barely eats dog food anymore, and I know there are plenty of people out there that spoil their pet with goodies like I do.  When feeding your pet table scraps there are many ingredients used in everyday cooking that can be very harmful to your dog. When passing the plate to the floor for Fido, here are the top four unexpected foods that you should avoid.

      Onions and Garlic are highly toxic to dogs as they both contain thiosulphate, an ion produced naturally in biochemical processes- Onion is the more toxic of the two. Dogs can get sick from eating small amounts of either onion or garlic and the affects of the poisoning will not be seen until a few days after the initial ingestion.  Some of the symptoms to look for if you think your dog has been poisoned are anemia, labored breathing, liver damage, vomiting, diarrhea, and discolored urine.

      Mushrooms are also very poisonous to dogs, where some species can lead to immediate death after ingestion. Cooked or raw mushrooms both have the same impact on the dog’s digestive system. Amanita mushrooms (usually a wilder variety) are typically the species that have the highest number of reported deaths. Your dog would encounter an Amanita mushroom while playing outside, but other mushrooms we commonly eat can have the same effect. Symptoms of a poisoning are abdominal pain, drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting diarrhea, convulsions, coma, and death. Pictured below is an Amanita mushroom.

      Grapes and raisins are also not recommended to feed your dog because they can lead to very severe sickness, and uncommonly death. I know that my dog has eaten green grapes before without a severe reaction, but if a dog ingests a significant amount of grapes or raisins they will experience diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and lethargy. These symptoms can lead to dehydration and potential death. Yearly the Humane Society sees a number of reported poisonings from grapes that were given to dogs or mistakenly ingested.

      As all dog owners know, chocolate is very dangerous for any dog. Due to the compound theobromine, that is present in chocolate, even small amounts of chocolate can be deadly to pets. Theobromine is considered a stimulant and a diuretic for dogs, and is thought to be one of the most dangerous compounds for animals. Chocolate poisoning in dogs can be seen within a few hours and can lead to death within 24 hours. Cocoa powder is the most dangerous form of chocolate for dogs because it contains purer forms of theobromine. It will only take a very small amount of cocoa powder to affect a dog significantly. Dark and semisweet chocolate forms are less of a hazard to dogs, but still very dangerous. If your dog has ingested a large quantity of chocolate will likely show symptoms of staggering, labored breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tremors, fever, heart rate increase, arrhythmia, seizures, and coma/ death. If you believe that your dog has ingested a large quantity of chocolate, take them to your vet immediately.

     Overall, these foods are some of the most dangerous to dogs and should be avoided at all costs. Giving your dog a sample of your nightly dinner is alright, as long as you check to make sure your plate holds only safe and nutritious foods. I hope that this blog was helpful and these are some tips to keep your dog safe and healthy! Thanks for reading.

See more at: http://www.entirelypets.com/toxicfoods.html

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Kill Shelters vs. Non-Kill Shelters

Automatically as an animal lover, I want to say that kill shelters are the enemy and should all be shut down. However, when you look into the problem of over-population of pets, the people that we should be blaming are the breeders and the pet owners who neglect to spay and neuter their pets.

Kill-Shelters receive a bad reputation from the start because of their names. Most shelters hope that they won’t have to put down pets but in some situations there is no other choice but to take the dog out of their misery.

Most shelters will begin by being a non-kill shelter, but due to the lack of people willing to adopt, they are left no choice. These animals unfortunately will have a hard time getting adopted out and euthanasia is hands down the better option. Otherwise, the dog may end up spending his or her life in a cage and suffer from neglect.

This is not to say that shelters who choose over-crowding are making the wrong decision, but kill-shelters are not the enemy here. Breeders and wrongful pet owners need to be held responsible for their irresponsible actions. 

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War Dogs

With the War Against Terror ending and our troops coming home, many forget to thank the dogs who have deployed to protect our country. These dogs have put their lives on the line and went to the front lines for our troops. These brave K9’s have lacked praise from the citizen’s  of our country who have given so much to show thanks to our troops.

Dogs have been used in wars since ancient times. Soldiers often feel as though dogs are a loyal companion that will always be there for protection. Today, they are mainly used as a type of police force. The dogs are used to detect potentially dangerous situations and sometimes used for intimidation against enemies.

The United States has one of the biggest K9 forces in the military. During the War Against Terror, 650 military dogs were deployed by American combat forces. The most common breed being the German Shepard because of their keen sense of smell and high level of energy.

What most people don’t realize, is that the all of the trauma our soldiers go through, these dogs will also endure. Although veterinarians have only recently started recognizing the symptoms of post traumatic stress  disorder in K9s, it is extremely noticeable.

About 5% of the dogs deployed in the recent war were diagnosed with PTSD. Luckily, a foundation has been formed to help research this serious issue and help create awareness of this serious issue. If you wish to donate or learn more about this issue please visit the following websites.



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This Weeks Available Dogs!


Japer is a young shepherd mix who is currently awaiting his forever home at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.  Jasper is new to the shelter, but he is handling the environment very well. He is described as calm, easy going, but always ready to play. Jasper is good with kids, adults, and seniors- he will be tested with dogs and cats once he is in the shelter for a bit longer.

                I had the privilege of taking Jasper out for a walk and he was a total love, looking for attention and affection. He is a gorgeous light brindle with white paws and one blue eye and one brown eye. The shelter said they do not know how Jasper is with other dogs, but during our walk he did not seem to have any aggression issues, just curiosity and possibly wanting to play. He does have a lot of energy, as he is a young dog and he will need basic training. He would do best with an active family with children to run around and play with. Overall, he is a beautiful and wonderful dog that would adore his forever family- and who could resist his looks!



                Caramel is a gorgeous female, large sized red nose pit bull terrier boxer mix. She has reached her full adult size and is two years young. Caramel is loveable and is always looking for affection from the people who pass her by. She has been in the shelter for a while, but she is still looking for a wonderful home. We do not know if she does well with other dogs and cats, but we were told she does great with kids. She seemed to be pretty quiet and docile when we had our visit with her, and she was one of the shelter favorites. Her adoption fee is $125, a small price to pay to change a dog’s life. Please do not let the typical pit bull stereotype stop you from taking home this loveable girl- she would make a wonderful pet for a person who wants a dog who will love them for her lifetime!



                Angus is a wonderful male black Labrador retriever who loves to play! He is easy to walk on the leash and he just looks forward to coming out of his kennel to be petted. He will eagerly roll over on his belly for a scratch and is very attentive to the person who is walking him. He is extremely friendly, and good with everyone. Angus is one year old, and a big goofball. .

                When walking Angus, he was a great dog who paid attention to what I was telling him and was very obedient and willing to work. I took him right in the front door next to cats and other dogs and he sat patiently and looked to me for petting and instruction. He would make an amazing pet for any family, especially with active kids! He did not seem to be aggressive towards dogs or cats, and did not even pay attention to the cats around him. Overall, he is a wonderful dog who deserves a great home.

All of these dogs are available as the Cattaraugus County SPCA and are looking for amazing homes. The adoption fee for these dogs is $125 each, which includes a distemper vaccine, spaying/neutering, de-worming and a complimentary vet visit. Please consider adopting one of these dogs- I personally have adopted a shelter dog and it was the best decisions I have ever made. My dog Pax offers me constant love and affection and no matter what has happened, I can always count on him to make me smile. Pax is now four years old and has come a long way since his shelter days!

                                                SPCA in Cattaraugus County

2944 Olean-Hinsdale Highway
olean, New York 14760
Phone: 716-372-8492
Fax: 719-806-0130
Email: info@spcacattco.org
Website: www.petfinder.org/shelters/NY216.html

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Contemporary Pet Products

     This week’s Technology and Wellness blog will be focused on new and stylish pet products for around the home. As we move forward to a modern and sleek world, pet owners are looking for new products that fit with the contemporary and stylish décor of their home. Instead of having a traditional pet bed or cat furniture, how about something that looks great and is functional? All of these provided sites give great pet products that can match or improve the look of your home and they have great prices for the high end, custom look they provide buyers. Furthermore, these sites offer products for all types of pets, from cats to cool goldfish bowls.

                My personal favorite is the website Unleashed Life who advertises their product catchphrase, “style…not reserved for humans”.  This site not only offers great, fashionable dog bowls and pet beds, but also displays home accents such as wall hangings and ceramic figurines. This is a high end pet retailer and they do have higher prices that your average store, but the price reflects the quality of their goods and the benefits it can add to your home, such as a custom look. You can be sure that none of your friends will have products as nice as these! Check out-   unleashedlife.com


      All Modern pet products offer a great selection for both cats and dogs.  These products are more economical and affordable than what is offered on Unleashed Life, but still has a great look that is not from your typical pet store provider. Along with beds and bowls, All Modern pets have dog coats, collars and leashes and cute dog carriers for those with small dogs they wish to take with them. The chic carriers look just like a fashionable woman’s purse that would match any work or casual outfit.  Overall this company also has a lot to offer pet owners and provides a great look for pets. Here is-  allmodern.com


                The last new product that I found was a cat, dog, or bird house with a green twist- literally. Dornob Designs have created a crafty product that will turn heads in any household.  Their stylish pet planters allow pet owners to place a live plant in the top of their pet house and feature a special bed located inside their green-roofed pet house. This eco-friendly house features non-symmetrical shapes and cool curves that will be a functional statement piece in any home. This product will wow your friends and give your pet a place to call their own that allows them to stay amongst the family. No more hiding ugly pet beds and houses- just add a beautiful houseplant and get style for less.  Check out-  dornob.com

                As a pet owner, I know that I am always looking for new products for my pets. There are tons of new products that are great for the house. Today the internet is the best tool to look for great pet furniture that can blend with any taste in your household. Keep following out blog for more great products and thanks for reading!

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Our next breed is the Boxer. This breed has caused some controversy because people fear the boxer can be an aggressive breed. However, all dogs will adopt the demeanor that they are taught by their owner. Therefore there is no need to fear any breed with a good owner.

Boxers are an adorable breed that kept Boxer owners coming back for more. Those who own boxers tend to be very loyal to this particular breed. The Boxer is incredibly loyal and loving to it’s owners and proves to be an awesome pet. The bad reputation comes from Boxers who feel their owner may be in some sort of danger.

This breed can come in two different colors that are recognized by the AKC. The first is the fawn color. This is a tan color that is often accompanied with a white under-belly. The other type of Boxer color is the brindled boxer.

Boxers are one of the most recognizable breeds. They have a very unique face and muzzle that is unmistakably a boxer (as you can see in the picture attached).  They also have a very short tail that is a clear sign of a boxer.

This breed is very lovable and loyal. Boxers will continue to be one of the most recognizable and popular breeds of dogs for a very long time to come. 

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Ever wonder why your dog likes to eat grass outside?

Ever wonder why your dog likes to eat grass outside?

Here is some info from PetMD

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Green Ideas to Dispose of Pet Waste

Today’s blog is how to make your pooch a ‘green dog’ regarding waste management. Why as pet owners do we traditionally use a non biodegradable plastic bag to pick up our pets 100% biodegradable waste? The question is…. “How can I be green and still pick up after my pet?” Well in short, there are many products out there that you can use to easily dispose of pet wastes without using your traditional plastic doggie bags, but here are some great ideas to be a greener pet owner.

First let’s start off with the in ground pet toilet by PowerLoo. This toilet hooks right up into your septic tank and allows you to dispose of your pets waste directly, without the use of plastic bags. Additionally, it allows you to easily dispose of waste without the smell and mess of indoor pet grass, eliminating the health hazards from waste for you and your family. PowerLoo created the innovative product of flushable dog toilets in order to enhance convenience and allow pet owners an unproblematic way to meet the CDC requirements for waste disposal- and it looks good in your garden! According to the CDC, pet feces should be disposed of and picked up to avoid contaminating ground water with bacteria and parasites. According to the CDC dog fecal matter should not be left in the yard and it is unsanitary to throw it into your trash in a bag. PowerLoo provides the best resource for cleanliness for the pet owner. For more info see http://www.powerloo.com/


For those of us that cannot afford such a luxury item, another great and simple product that meets CDC requirements are biodegradable and flushable doggie bags. BioBag doggie bags are certified compostable and being used by pet owners across America to reduce their impact on the environment. These bags can be used for all kinds of animal waste such as when you clean your bird cage, cat litter, or any household waste. These bags are aerobic and allow air flow for natural decomposition. Because of this, these bags can be used when adding elements to your household compost pile.  Additionally, pet owners can also purchase flushable biodegradable dog poop bags from Flush Doggie that you can put right into your own toilet. These bags eliminate the need to throw your pet waste in the garbage, which allows for no lingering smell and better cleanliness around the house. These bags usually cost around five or six dollars for about 40bags, which is a small price to pay for living a greener life. For more info see http://www.biobagusa.com/biobag_dog.htm and http://www.flushdoggy.com/

The PowerLoo dog toilet, Flush Doggie, and BioBags provide great alternatives to using a traditional plastic bag for your pet waste removal.  All of these products not only will allow all pet owners a cleaner life, but also prevent hundreds of thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills. Because plastic bags take 100 years to break down, just adding one of these simple products to your daily life can cause a dramatic difference. This is just a small way that we as pet owners can do our part in helping our world become a better and cleaner place.

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